Vigoro rubber mulch is used on landscaping beds as mulch. It is used as an alternative to natural mulches such as sawdust, wood chips or yard waste. It is made from recycled rubber and comes in two colors which are red and brown.

Areas Vigoro Rubber Mulch Can Be Used

It can be used on walkways, playgrounds and landscaping beds. It can also be used in horse arenas. It is a good option as it has better shock absorption ability as compared to other surfaces so that people or animals do not suffer as many injuries.

Why use Vigoro Rubber Mulch

When you use Vigoro rubber mulch, you don’t have to do annual mulching as it lasts for a long period of time without having to be replaced or re-mulched. It prevents sogginess in your grounds as it prevents additional water from being absorbed in the soil. This kind of mulch prevents mold and fungi from growing. The use of this mulch greatly reduces allergen risk because there is no mold or fungi growth. Vigoro rubber mulch prevents ants from coming among the plants and the areas where you put it. It helps preserve the water that already exists in the ground so that you don’t have to constantly water it and the area around it. It looks good and doesn’t distract from the flowers and the plants where it is used in landscaping beds.

Vigoro Rubber MulchThe two colors, that are available in red and brown, are natural looking. The mulch lasts much longer as compared to natural mulch because it will not break down. It is safer to use in playgrounds as it does not cause as many injuries in children as compared to organic mulch. This is because it has a better shock absorption quality. As compared to other mulch, it will not cause injuries from splints that can be found in sawdust. Sand is also not very safe as it can harbor disease causing animals and it makes the children dirty.

Vigoro Rubber Mulch Advantages

It is cleaner and is low maintenance in terms of cleanliness. It is also low maintenance because when it is applied on landscaping beds it doesn’t allow weeds to grow. This makes it easier to maintain the aesthetics of gardens and anywhere else it is used and it reduces the need to weed frequently. Vigoro rubber mulch has no smell and reduces the occurrence of dust in the dry seasons and mud in the wet seasons.It doesn’t produce toxins as compared to natural and organic mulch which may produce toxins while they are rotting.It will not rot or breakdown naturally because it is made from recycled rubber.It is cheaper to use in the long run as it lasts long and requires very little, if any maintenance.In the winter season it does not freeze

Where to Buy Vigoro Rubber Mulch

Vigoro Rubber Mulch SampleVigoro rubber mulch is found in many maintenance and gardening stores and it can also be purchased online. The benefit of ordering online is that it will be delivered to your door step so you can save money and time. Be sure to compare prices charged by several dealers and choose the dealer who is selling the Vigoro rubber mulch at an affordable price.